The brilliant colors that appear every fall in central Indiana will be on display in a few weeks. The typical peak time for fall colors here in Indianapolis are the second and third weeks in October. However, there is no precise time when these changes occur. So what factors contribute to these fantastic displays of […]

September is an ideal time to aerate your lawn in Indianapolis. Aeration is the simple process of removing small cores of soil from the ground which promotes root growth and helps reduce soil compaction in your lawn.  Soil compaction can be the result of soil classification or land use, and is often a combination of […]

Fall is the best time to plant hardy bulbs in Indianapolis for spring blooms. Below are some basic planting tips to help you this fall. The most common spring bulbs planted in Indianapolis are tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth, narcissus and snowdrops. The best time to plant bulbs is anywhere from September until November or until […]