Nurturing landscapes but also relationships.

Brian Jones, president and owner, created Scenic Green, Inc. in 2003 when he was teaching seventh grade social studies in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. This part time summer job has turned into a full time career that he is passionate about.

Brian’s passion for plants began while a student at Butler University. During the summers he worked in the Horticultural Department at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It was there that he developed his keen interest in rich, diverse plant life and discovered the elegance and value that quality landscaping adds to a property. He had always found peace and tremendous happiness in what he describes as “one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in Indianapolis”.

Now fast forward to today, Scenic Green is recognized for quality services and customer satisfaction. You are our primary focus. Scenic Green continues to build a strong customer base by delivering dependable, value-based services designed to maintain and enhance your property.

We have a new neighbor who stopped by this morning to introduce himself and to tell me that our lawn is gorgeous.  He really raved about it and said it looks like a carpet.  A number of our neighbors have complimented us again this year on our lawn.  Thanks for doing such a good job.

— Kathy, Indianapolis

Why Scenic Green

Landscaping is an important investment that will add value and beauty to any property. In order to maintain its attractiveness, it is imperative to have a regular maintenance schedule in place. Scenic Green works directly with property owners and managers to develop a landscape maintenance program to meet specific needs and fit budget requirements.

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