Benefits of Lawn Aeration

September is an ideal time to aerate your lawn in Indianapolis. Aeration is the simple process of removing small cores of soil from the ground which promotes root growth and helps reduce soil compaction in your lawn.  Soil compaction can be the result of soil classification or land use, and is often a combination of both.

Most lawns in Indiana have significant clay content, in which the soil naturally binds together or compacts.  Any lawn growing in heavy clay soil can benefit from aeration a few times a year.  Walking, playing and mowing are all things that increase soil compaction and lawn stress.  Therefore, lawns exposed to heavy foot traffic will benefit from this process a few times a year as well.

It is best to perform this task when turf grass is actively growing, which is why the spring and fall are ideal times. Once the soil cores are removed, it easier for air, water and nutrients to get to roots.  This allows the roots to grow deeper, and deeper roots mean healthier turf grass.

Overseeding the entire lawn at the time of aeration is another benefit you can add to help revitalize your lawn.

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Landscaping is an important investment that will add value and beauty to any property. In order to maintain its attractiveness, it is imperative to have a regular maintenance schedule in place. Scenic Green works directly with property owners and managers to develop a landscape maintenance program to meet specific needs and fit budget requirements.

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