Add color and interest to your outdoor living space using containers and pots.  An easy way to dress up your patio or deck is by utilizing containers and pots in these areas. Putting a container garden together requires very little effort and can make a fun weekend project. Follow these steps to make your container […]

Properly planted trees are a great investment in your landscape. Spring is an ideal time to plant trees in Indianapolis, but how do you plant a tree properly? Before you start digging, consider your landscape and the mature size of the tree. All too often trees are planted in spaces they will outgrow in a […]

US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin started Earth Day celebrations in 1970 This weekend there will be many Earth Day celebrations around Indianapolis. April 22nd is officially Earth Day, but how did this day come about? To answer this question we must go back to 1970 and to US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. During […]