Summer farmers’ markets are a fun and healthy way to shop for locally grown food. Take a look at your local farmers’ market for locally grown produce, grass feed meats and various artisan crafted items and baked goods. The ones listed below are some great farmers’ market here in Indianapolis that are worth visiting. Binford […]

Several factors lead to bumpy lawns in Indianapolis. These bumpy spots tend to be the most noticeable in the spring, and they can make mowing difficult for many homeowners. The bumps could be caused by natural settling during the winter, or you could have a mole problem. Moles are mammals who tunnel in the soil […]

While driving around town I have noticed the results of last year’s drought on lawns in Indianapolis. The most notable affect is brown patches in lawns that are matted down and dead.  These areas will not recover and grow grass this year. If left alone they will be a great place for weeds to take […]