Don’t Rake Leaves, Mulch Them

As the leaves are beginning to fall off trees in Indianapolis, the question of how to best manage this mess arises. The easiest way to dispose of unwanted leaves is to mulch them back into the grass with your lawn mower. When leaves are falling more quickly you will need to mow more often to prevent thick layers of leaf build-up on the grass, which can kill your lawn. If these thick layers are left on the grass through the winter your grass could develop snow mold which can kill your grass.

Mulching leaves is not harmful to your grass and will not promote thatch build up. Dead leaves contain phosphorous which is a nutrient found in the soil. Mulching is also less time consuming then raking and bagging leaves. It also is better for the environment as it lessens the amount of waste in our landfills.

Why Scenic Green

Landscaping is an important investment that will add value and beauty to any property. In order to maintain its attractiveness, it is imperative to have a regular maintenance schedule in place. Scenic Green works directly with property owners and managers to develop a landscape maintenance program to meet specific needs and fit budget requirements.

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