Landscaping Update: 3 Things you can do to your lawn & property in November

November can be a dreary time in Indianapolis. Here are three landscaping (ok two and one general thing) things you can do in November:

#1. Fall fertilization

The best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn during the fall is September and November. The September application typically consists of slow-release nitrogen while the November application uses fast-release. By adding nitrogen to the soil now you will see a healthier lush green lawn next spring. Your grass will use this nitrogen to develop stronger roots and store energy that will be used in the spring as it comes out of winter dormancy.

The final application of fertilizer in November should be done close to the final mow of the season or after, which is typically in November. It also should be noted that this final application should be applied while the grass is still green. Do not wait until December when your lawn begins to brown and become dormant.

#2. Mulching Leaves

The easiest way to dispose of unwanted fallen tree leaves is to mulch them back into the grass with your mower. When leaves are falling more quickly you will need to mow more often to prevent thick layers of leaf build-up on the grass, which can kill your lawn. If these thick layers are left on the grass through the winter your grass could develop snow mold which can kill your grass.

Mulching leaves is not harmful to your grass and will not promote thatch build up. Dead leaves contain phosphorous which is a nutrient found in the soil. Mulching is also less time consuming then raking and bagging leaves. It also is greener as it lessens the amount of waste in our landfills.

#3. Gutter Cleaning

With your trees dropping their leaves this fall it’s important to keep your gutters clean from debris. Cleaning gutters can be a messy and dangerous task for most homeowners, but is a necessary maintenance job that needs to be completed.

Downspouts will clog with debris preventing water from flowing. Water trapped in gutters from leaf debris can cause major damage to your gutters, roof and foundation walls. Maintaining clean gutters helps keep your home and gutters in great condition.

– Brian Jones

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