Indianapol​is’ Watering Ban: What You Need to Know

Several local communities have instituted water bans or restrictions throughout the Indianapolis Metropolitan area as a result of the states longest dry spell in 104 years. Fifty-five counties have been designated disaster areas by the federal government, and the entire state is suffering some form of drought, with Marion County’s situation labeled as “extreme” by the latest U.S. Drought Monitor report. Many communities are enacting bans on lawn watering and other outdoor activities that require large amounts of water in order to conserve the remaining resources the state has.

What is allowed

Watering flowers, trees, vegetable gardens, new sod or newly seeded area of grass is allowed, but watering must be done with a handheld hose or watering can. Unattended sprinklers or hoses cannot be placed in flowerbeds, near trees, in gardens or in lawns.

Prohibited under the Indianapolis ban

  • Sprinkling, watering, or irrigating of lawns
  • Washing cars, trucks, trailers, mobile homes, railroad cars, or any other type of mobile equipment (though there are health and safety exemptions)
  • Using water to clean sidewalks, driveways, paved areas
  • Filling empty swimming pools
  • Installing new landscaping or new lawn by using sod
  • Using hydrants except for fire suppression or other reasons as designated by Citizens Water
  • Operating non-recycling water fountains

Users exempted under Indianapolis ban

  • Nurseries
  • Automatic commercial car washes
  • Manual commercial car washes
  • Golf courses
  • Areas owned by Indy Parks

Fines under Indianapolis ban

  • $100 for first violation
  • $250 for second violation
  • At least $500 for third violation
  • Maximum $2,500 for fourth violation and after

Please feel to contact me (Brian Jones) at 317-370-6017 to find our more about the watering ban and your landscaping.

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