Landscape Tip: Growing a Green Healthy Lawn in 2011

As lawns in Indianapolis begin to green up this month, follow these guidelines below to help make your lawn the best it can be.

  • Prior to first mowing get outside on a nice day in March and clean up all the twigs, sticks and branches from the lawn.
  • In March make sure your mower is tuned up, oil is changed and you have fresh gas in the tank.
  •  Sharpen your mower blades regularly. Dull blades result in turf stress.
  • Set mower height to 3” or higher. Longer grass blades equal healthier grass and roots and less weeds.
  • Alternate your mowing patterns each time you mow.
  • Return grass clippings to lawn. It takes less effort for you and the clippings return nutrients to the soil.
  • Only remove 1/3 of the leaf blade when you mow. So if you are mowing at 3” then you will need to cut grass when it reaches 4.5”.
  • Aerate you lawn in the fall. Aeration increases water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil which will help roots.
  • Utilize a fertilization and weed control program. Typical programs are 4-6 applications from March –November.
  • Water lawn 1” per week. Use a rain gauge to check. If it rains, no need to water lawn.

If you questions that were not addressed here, please contact Brian Jones with Scenic Green and he will gladly answer your questions.

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