Landscaping Tip: Caring for Your Spring Bulbs

As you look around Indianapolis this month beautiful spring bulbs are beginning to sprout up in the landscapes. Below are some tips to help you get the best results from your bulbs.

  • Our climate in Indianapolis during early spring typically provides appropriate levels of rainfall for bulbs so watering should not be necessary.
  • The plant should not be cut back once blooming has ended. Leave the plant intact for about six weeks or until they begin to yellow. Leaving the plant growing will help create better blooms for next season as energy is stored via photosynthesis in the bulb.
  • If your bulbs create very few flowers, but are green and look healthy this is probably a sign of overcrowding.  Once plants begin to yellow, bulbs can be dug up and transplanted.
  • Typically insects are not a problem for bulbs in Indiana.

If you questions that were not addressed here, please contact Brian Jones with Scenic Green and he will gladly answer your questions.

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