Landscaping Tip: Why Is Your Lawn Bumpy This Spring?

Mole tunnels are most visible in the spring and fall.

Several factors lead to bumpy lawns in Indianapolis. These bumpy spots tend to be the most noticeable in the spring, and they can make mowing difficult for many homeowners. The bumps could be caused by natural settling during the winter, or you could have a mole problem.

Moles are mammals who tunnel in the soil looking for food.  Their primary diet consists of earthworms. One of the most common misconceptions is that moles are searching for grubs. Moles do eat grubs, but in March and April they are eating earthworms. During the winter and summer earthworms tend to be deeper in the soil, but in the spring when there is more moisture the earthworms move closer to the soil surface. Therefore, visible sign of mole tunneling in the spring does not necessarily mean you have a grub problem.

If you want to control these tunneling creatures then spring is the best time to do this.  Over the years there have been many interesting ways to exterminate moles, but most are ineffective. The two most effective ways to control moles is: 1) using poisonous worms which the moles are attracted to or 2) using mole traps such as the harpoon or scissor-jaw.

If you decide to use one of these methods it is critical that you read and understand all directions and safety warnings in regards to the product.

If you questions that were not addressed here, please contact Brian Jones with Scenic Green and he will gladly answer your questions.

Brian Jones is the President of Scenic Green, Inc. an Indianapolis based landscaping firm. He’s a certified horticulturist and a former middle school teacher.

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