Landscaping Tips for February

Helpful tips to consider this month:

  1. Avoid excessive foot traffic on lawns during winter. Dormant grass crowns can be damaged easily which can kill grass.
  2. Use caution when using salt and ice melt on driveways and sidewalks this winter. Spread it carefully to avoid damage to shrubs and trees.
  3. Examine house plants for disease and insects especially if new ones if your received them as gifts. Prune and rotate plants to keep them healthy.
  4. If you kept poinsettias through the holidays avoid placing them in drafty windows and keep them relatively moist.
Why Scenic Green

Landscaping is an important investment that will add value and beauty to any property. In order to maintain its attractiveness, it is imperative to have a regular maintenance schedule in place. Scenic Green works directly with property owners and managers to develop a landscape maintenance program to meet specific needs and fit budget requirements.

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