Plant of the Month: Autumn Joy Sedum

Autumn Joy Sedum

Autumn Joy is a popular variety of Sedum that you can find throughout many landscapes in the Indianapolis area. One of its great features is that it blooms from late August into November depending on climate and conditions.  When the buds first appear they look like bunches of broccoli, but eventually open and turn into a deep pink color. With the onset of fall and cooler temperatures the flower turns a deep copper to bronze color.

It’s an excellent border plant that will create visual interest in the fall and great contrast with the first snow fall in winter. It can be used in rock gardens and looks great with ornamental grasses. Other benefits include attracting butterflies and being drought tolerant.

Autumn Joy prefers well drained soil and full sun. They thrive best in the hottest areas of the landscaping.  The mature height of the plant is 18 to 30 inches with a spread of 18 inches. The only maintenance this plant requires is to be pruned back to 2-3 inches before March or new growth.

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Brian Jones is the President of Scenic Green Inc., an Indianapolis based landscaping firm. He is a certified horticulturist and a former 7th grade social studies teacher.

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